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Tackle your career head on with the new Rugby-jobs mobile site. latest update allows you to complete job applications on your mobile device and send your CV/ document immediately. The mobile website allows you to integrate with Dropbox and Google Docs, which is a key element as in the past it was a two stage process – apply by email and then send the application later. Now, you can do it in one process via your mobile.

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Posted on Tuesday Oct 7

How does work for me ?

* If you know which job you want to apply for use the Jobsearch button on the top of any page to find the listings of jobs that interest you.

* Sign up for ‘Jobs by Email’ and you will get email alerts as any new jobs are posted onto the website!

* You can search for jobs by job type and by location and the system will match you against any vacancies already on the website according to your criteria.