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What are RSS Feeds?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is an ideal way of having updateable content delivered to your desktop and also your mobile phone.

Jobs RSS feeds allow you to see when websites have added new jobs. You can get the latest jobs as soon as they are added to this website, without having to keep visiting this website.

How do I use RSS?

Microsoft Windows Vista will allow you to add and display RSS feeds on your own PC desktop.

You may also will need an application called a news reader. There are lots to choose from including freeware. These readers will display the RSS feeds from this website, and others, on your computer.

All you have to do is copy the URL of any links you see in the site into your RSS reader and you'll receive the latest jobs as soon as they are advertised on here.

Your mobile telephone may also allow you to add and read RSS feeds from this website.

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How does work for me ?

* If you know which job you want to apply for use the Jobsearch button on the top of any page to find the listings of jobs that interest you.

* Sign up for ‘Jobs by Email’ and you will get email alerts as any new jobs are posted onto the website!

* You can search for jobs by job type and by location and the system will match you against any vacancies already on the website according to your criteria.